Standard Bench-Granite-Eight Colors BEN02B

Save $576

Color: Super Gray
$1,399 $1,975


This Bench comes Carved with Names and Dates along with any art work you would like (If it fits we will carve it).


  •         Top: 4-0 x 1-4 x 0-4
  •     2 Legs: 1-1 x 0-4 x 1-2

All Sides Polished :

  • 8 Colors Available:
  • Prices Starting at $1399.00

Some Assembly required at Cemetery.

 Although named Cemetery and Funeral Products, this category offers a variety of items that will help further memorialize or enhance the existing memorial of a loved one, or even create a new memorial tribute that is not necessary a grave marker. There is a vast selection of items and options to help add a befitting final touch to any tribute, as well as to replace or repair memorials that have been vandalized or damaged over time. The items are broken up into categories based on what purpose they serve. If you're needing a grave light, replacement vase, or even bronze plaque, this is the section for you.

bronze plaque can be used to create a tribute that is not necessarily a memorial. For example, if you are wishing to commemorate an achievement, or even dedicate a special area, such as a park or garden, in honor of someone, a bronze plaque would be ideal. The bronze plaques come in a variety of sizes, including sizes smaller than standard grave markers. On the other hand, the Bronze Grave Marker Plaques can be used to create memorial tributes that are not to be placed in a cemetery. These plaques are very popular to create memorials in home gardens, or where a tragic accident took place. Aside from the high quality of the bronze material used, these plaques offer designs that are more modern than traditional grave markers.

Sometimes a temporary memorial marker is needed until the final headstone arrives. Some funeral homes provide some of those items but not with such a large variety and at bottom pricing like us. There are also several funeral home and cemeteries that are not capable of offering the temporary memorials, and our memorials are elegant and simple in design, so they are sure to look stunning in any setting. The Grave Marker Miscellaneous offers hard to find memorial items, such as Irish Dirt, which is used in Irish ceremonies, as it is custom to spread a bit of the earth over a new grave. Funeral homes most of the time do not even have such funeral and cemetery products on hand.

Often families are not able to purchase a vase at the time of purchasing a marker, or the flower vase may even be stolen or damaged. We offer not only durable temporary vases, but also replacement bronze vases which are made of cast bronze, in the same fashion and with the same attention to detail as a standard grave marker. These beautiful vases also have the option of a small granite base, for markers that are not made to accept the vases that recess when not in use. Also offered is an extensive line of granite vases in a variety of shapes, colors and styles, which will be the perfect addition to existing memorials.

The Headstone Date Plaques provide a simple and fast way of adding a final date to an existing bronze memorial, and the Grave Marker decorations offers several decorative items that can be added to any existing memorial, whether it be a grave site, garden, or park. These elegant items offer a way to further personalize any area.
How big does the death date plaque need to be on our grave marker? How do I figure out the size of our family headstone? What type of replacement vase will be appropriate for my existing marker? If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to help.

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