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Zoom Tribute to Cats

Tribute to Cats

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A Tribute To Cats.
Mount a favorite picture of your pet behind the 3¼" Sq. heart-shaped cut-out. Tribute can then be laminated or framed. 8-1/2" x 11". 12/pk.



When the sun didn’t shine, you could always make me smile and let me
know you cared. Your silent sympathy while sitting on my lap was as great
a comfort as almost any words a friend could speak.

I saw you show “almost human” traits. You were so loyal,yet so independent…
so somber, yet so playful. You had the regal bearing of a king or queen, yet at unguarded moments,
you scampered around more like a court jester. You could be deadly serious while stalking any fly or spider
who was so foolish as to enter “your” house or you could show unbounded delight and unashamed
joy while attacking your catnip toys or a common shoestring dangled over your furry head.

You brought peace and laughter to an empty place. This house was merely a box containing
furniture and cold metal appliances until somehow you transformed it into a home. 
What magic you possessed!! By your loving nature and gracefulness, you had great
power to make a harsh world seem just a little bit better. How wonderful you were!!

If I could have pampered you more, I surely would have. People of this
earth could learn much from you. You said not a word, but by your actions
you could teach us. You seemed to have found the secret of contentment
and tranquility. Men have searched for centuries and have found no peace,
yet you were happy with what seemed so little and with such simple things…

A dish of food. A soft place to nap. Warmth in the winter. A gentle hand,
a scratch under your chin. How did you become so wise and so good?!

Is it fair that your lifespan was so short? My heart is so heavy and full
of questions. Do you have a soul? Will I see you again someday? The answer

just has to be a resounding “Yes!” For would it really be Heaven if cats were not allowed?!
I think not… what a cold, empty place it would be! Though I realize your nine lives are exhausted,
I prefer to think of you as merely taking an extra long, peaceful nap.
So sleep well, my friend. I will never forget you… Sleep well…

©2007 John Wilstermann, Hopkins, MN

Tribute to Cats

$16.95 Regular price $24.95


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