Soul Birds Male Brass-Cremation Urn

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Brass SoulBirds are hand hammered silver with midnight finish, adding timeless beauty to their innocent looks.

Screw threaded bottom opening.

220 cu. in., 12"W x 8"H x 7"D Guarantees every item we sell.

Our journey so far ...

LoveUrns® has been officially established in USA as a brand name and company on the 25th of October 2011.

While 2011 is sounding fresh we have more than three decades of experience in creating high quality metal products.

LoveUrns® was started not because there was a lack of urn companies. Rather the opposite, so we had more than doubts to start another urn company, but we felt obliged to do so for the families, as we found that the urns we design do make a difference and bring more comfort to the families.


We offer an unparalleled selection of cremation urns and cremation jewelry. Our products are beautiful, made with lot of love and care.

We have designed urns in an assortment of colors, finishes, and themes, which captures the unique life, values, and personality of a cherished family member, friend, or beloved pet.

You have to be able to feel the love, sweat and emotions that have been put into every single urn, every piece of metal or glass. You have to understand where and how every sourced material is produced, not just to ensure quality at every turn, but to know, and be satisfied, that every piece comes with a clear conscience, ethically and environmentally.


We care about the materials in our creative arsenal, which is why we only pick high-quality top-grade materials.

Crafting urns requires attention to detail and experienced calloused hands before you get a brilliantly crafted urn made with Love. Asian world has a deep crafting history, we continue to use it to bring quality urns made with purest quality raw materials. All metal LoveUrns® are protected with GlossCoat™ technology  that makes our products last forever.


We keep our factories local with a pool of skilled talents, it helps ensure our products utmost durability and fortitude to come out right so one day it can become a family heirloom. Our hand-craftsmanship is a treasured value here and one which we take great pride in.  


This is where the artisan touch matters most. Our artisans take their time carefully making each urn. A process that can't be rushed, we don't cut any corners when it comes crafting quality. When you buy a LoveUrns® product, you are buying the to finest materials out there. Look for our branded hologram on each piece which ensures we stand behind our brand.  


While not cheap LoveUrns® certainly have a superb value for money. Families recommend us and some say that due to LoveUrns® designs and build quality they are perhaps the best bargain on the market.

All we know is that LoveUrns® are as honest as urns get.

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