Bronze Markers for Cemetery Guarantee

Memorial Guy offers Bronze Memorials from Coldsprings & Trigard.

Memorial Guy stands behind all Bronze Memorials.


  • Trigard Memorials warrants its Dura-Sheen finish for a period of Five Years from the date of product shipment.
  • Will Resist Cracking, Flaking, or Blistering.
  • Will Resist Chalking and Discoloration due to ultraviolet rays.
  • Will not Change Color more than five (5) Delta-E Hunter units.

Any product which proves defective during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at Trigards factory. We will not incur any cost associated with uninstalling or reinstalling the memorial.

The Memorial Guy will Pay Freight on Approved Warranty Failures.

All Coldsprings Bronze and Granite are guaranteed for a period of Five Years.



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