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Zoom Precious Souvenir Rectangular-Porcelain Medallion Photo

Precious Souvenir Rectangular-Porcelain Medallion Photo

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"...Grief need not, should not, be a destructive emotion." Dr. Joyce Brothers.

Inspired by the refined elegance of Italian porcelain, PRECIOUS SOUVENIR medallions, plaques and frames preserve the bond between you and your loved one, perpetuating his or her memory in a unique, personalized and positive way.

Precious Souvenir offers elegant framed porcelain pictures with a stand on the back for display on a mantelpiece, desk or night table.

 These exceptional objects can personalize an urn, columbarium niche or monument by creating a warm and comforting atmosphere at the place of remembrance. A unique depiction that you can keep at home or bequeath to your family to celebrate the life and preserve the memory of your loved one.

Precious Souvenir medallions and framed souvenir photos in fine Italian porcelain are the modern and tasteful way to maintain a sense of contact and immortalize your dearly departed today and forever.

Precious Souvenir porcelain medallion, and framed photos or plaques are a rare antique way to decorate and customize an urn, columbarium niche or monument. Adding meaning and emotional value that would not otherwise be there.

Using the latest manufacturing and photo reproduction techniques on porcelain to create a high quality collector's pieces and ensure their beauty is preserved for generations to come.

You can do many things. The SOUVENIR MEDALLION you order can be installed on a monument or urn. It can also be placed beside an urn inside a columbarium niche. You can also place it on a night stand or elsewhere in your

 When you order a porcelain medallion, you also receive a FREE porcelain MINI-MEDALLION in an attractive gift box. This MINI-MEDALLION measures 2½ cm x 3 cm (1 in. x 1¼ in.).


 PRECIOUS SOUVENIR offers you one of the best guarantees in the industry.

 All our products carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage, vandalism and deterioration.

 Our guarantee ensures peace of mind for your entire life… and long after.

 Note that all our products carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage, vandalism and deterioration.

Guaranteed peace of mind for your entire life…and long after.


Precious Souvenir Rectangular-Porcelain Medallion Photo

£240.00 Regular price £274.00


Frequently asked question

What if I don't like the urn or the jewelry I purchased, can I get my money back?

Absolutely, we will refund your full purchase price as long as the item has not been engraved, and no ashes have been placed inside the urn or jewelry.

Frequently asked question

How do I know my cemetery will allow me to purchase a memorial from you?

Fair Trade Act- The cemetery can not force you to purchase from them. You are free to purchase your memorial from any monument dealer you choose.

Frequently asked question

How do I know if the monument I purchase will be allowed at my cemetery?

Memorial Guy will call your cemetery to make sure they allow the type of monument you are purchasing.

Frequently asked question

Are there any other cost you are not telling me about?

The total cost you pay for your monument includes design proofs, carving, along with delivery to your cemetery. The only other cost you may incur is for setting the stone. Normally your cemetery installs all the monuments in their cemetery. If not we can help you find someone in your area that does this type of work.

Can I return my purchase?

We will be happy to refund your full purchase price on most all items sold unless otherwise stated.

Cremation urns that have had remains placed inside the urn are non-refundable.


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