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Losing a Pet

6 WAYS TO GUIDE YOU THROUGH YOUR PET LOSS JOURNEY The loss of a pet is a major life event. After the death of a pet, many owners experience what...

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Cremation, What You Need to Know

CREMATION DOES NOT EXCLUDE the need to recognize an individual and a life lived; or the need for dignified and respectful treatment of a body including, when desired or necessary, embalming,...

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How to Scatter Ashes

This is probably what comes to mind when thinking about scattering ashes. It’s performed either by hand or with a scattering urn. Gail Rubin has an informative video on the...

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Options for Loved Ones

Permanent memorialization not only provides a lasting tribute to a loved one, but also a place to visit and gather together, an assurance that the remains are cared for, and...

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Choosing Cremation Urn

How to Choose a Cremation Urn

Generally, the cremation ashes from an average size adult require an urn capacity of about 190-220 cubic inches. If the person weight 150lbs. You will need at least a 150...

Choosing Final Resting Place

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Types of Monuments

Typically, these consist of 2 main pieces.  The upright portion (called a die or tablet) and the bottom portion (called a base).  Flower vases are a common option and can...

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