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Serpentine Style Monument

The serpentine (or SERP) top monument is by far the most common shape.  What makes it so popular?

Since the mid 20th Century, this design has skyrocketed in popularity and now outsells all other upright shapes combined. Having such a simple design has allowed memorial producers and wholesalers to provide consumers a lot of bang for their buck while dramatically shortening the process it once took to memorialize a loved one. And further, the relatively large polished faces give the consumer plenty of space to use the modern decorating techniques which were not available on the memorials of yesteryear. If you are a consumer considering a purchase of an upright memorial, be sure to consult with your monument counselor, as there may be regulations or prohibitions in your family cemetery that may limit your choices.

What makes a SERP top standard?

While SERP top monuments all have the trademark “hump” in their top, there are certain characteristics that are considered standard. These characteristics relate to the height of the hump (called the drop), the position of the hump, and the shape of the ends.  Choosing a monument with standard characteristics generally results in lower cost and/or faster delivery time.  Standard characteristics of SERP top Dies (or Tablets) are shown on the right half of this page.

Some standard drop heights are:

Standard Serp Top Die


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