Zoom Standing Angel Statue Monument - Granite Memorials
Zoom Standing Angel Statue Monument - Granite Memorials
Zoom Standing Angel Statue Monument - Granite Memorials
Zoom India Red  With flecks of red, black and gray, this vibrant color is a beautiful choice for any memorial and is sure to make an impression in any setting.
Zoom 	    Bahama Blue  With swirls of a darker blue and red tones, Bahama Blue is a truly unique color, wow your friends and family with this timeless color.
Zoom Forest Green  Forest Green is dark, near black granite with a variety of subtle green tones in varying depths. Forest Green brings us closure to nature, as green is naturally an earthy color.
Zoom China Jet Black  Jet Black is the premier granite color for producing beautiful and intricate laser and diamond hand etchings. Its classic color sheen cannot be compared.
Zoom Carnation Pink  Carnation Pink combines innocent light pink tones and mature gray undertones, resulting in a unique new color of granite. Carnation Pink is a perfect color for all ages, from baby markers to beloved relatives.
Zoom 	 SD Pink  With brown, black, and light pink tones, SD Pink is a versatile rainbow of subtle colors. SD Pink may be known for its delicate appearance, but is as durable as any other color.
Zoom 	 Night Black  The only real contender to Jet Black in the monument industry is our Night Black. With both depth and quality, it offers a perfect dark showcase for laser etchings, diamond hand etchings, and sandblasting.
Zoom Super Gray  There is no better gray on the market than our own Super Gray! Similar to Barre Gray, our Super Gray is a price to beat. Because we own the quarry, we are able to sell Super Gray at a very competitive price.
Zoom Headstone Standing Angel Statue Series

Headstone Standing Angel Statue Series

$5,749.00 Regular price $9,999.00
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Headstone, Gravestone

 This is a Custom Order....

Granite Headstone by Supernova Granite

Product: Headstone STM020 

The Unsurpassed quality in this Memorial of Angel Heart really makes a statement. Its more than just a pretty Face. Both sides of this statue are carved giving the Angel a life like appearance.

This is a very large memorial compared to most memorials found in cemeteries today. Most monuments purchased today are no more than 24in. tall. This monument is truly a work of art.


                                          Die: 4-6 x 0-8 x 3-0
                                          Base: 6-0 x 1-2 x 0-8
  • Back: CARVED 
  • Jet Black is Shown
  • Super Gray
  • SD Pink
  • Carnation Pink
  • Forest Green
  • India Red 
  • Bahama Blue 
  • Prices Depends on Color
  • Cemetery Verification (We will do all the work so you don't have to).
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee (If you aren't Completely Satisfied we will Refund Total Cost) See Warranty Page
  • 150% Perpetual Warranty 
  • Carving Included

Permanent memorialization not only provides a lasting tribute to a loved one, but also a place to visit and gather together, an assurance that the remains are cared for, and a key to family history for future generations. Consideration and remembrance of others is what life and memorializing are all about. A cemetery has a duty of perpetual care for those placed on its grounds and provides a place to visit for centuries to come.

The Base is polished on all sides. The die is polished on all sides except for the Angel.

Once you fill out the needed information we will send you a Proof within 48hrs.... 

Upon your approval it will be sent to production where we will carve all the information about your loved ones. Time frame is 4 -6 weeks for delivery.


Laser Scene or Laser Photo $389

Headstone Standing Angel Statue Series

$5,749.00 Regular price $9,999.00


Frequently asked question

What if I don't like the urn or the jewelry I purchased, can I get my money back?

Absolutely, we will refund your full purchase price as long as the item has not been engraved, and no ashes have been placed inside the urn or jewelry.

Frequently asked question

How do I know my cemetery will allow me to purchase a memorial from you?

Fair Trade Act- The cemetery can not force you to purchase from them. You are free to purchase your memorial from any monument dealer you choose.

Frequently asked question

How do I know if the monument I purchase will be allowed at my cemetery?

Memorial Guy will call your cemetery to make sure they allow the type of monument you are purchasing.

Frequently asked question

Are there any other cost you are not telling me about?

The total cost you pay for your monument includes design proofs, carving, along with delivery to your cemetery. The only other cost you may incur is for setting the stone. Normally your cemetery installs all the monuments in their cemetery. If not we can help you find someone in your area that does this type of work.

Can I return my purchase?

We will be happy to refund your full purchase price on most all items sold unless otherwise stated.

Cremation urns that have had remains placed inside the urn are non-refundable.


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