Virtually all upright monuments use at least one supporting base. Those that don’t are called “Monolithic”.

The simplest base style has a polished flat top (PFT) and balanced rock pitched (BRP) sides. This basic design provides stability and a clean, classic appearance to the monument.

Bases can be “dressed up” by adding polished margins, drop washes, name chamfers, or beveled fronts. These embellishments add decorative elements and personalization to the monument, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Although most bases have square corners with straight sides, some are now being produced with rounded ends and some are even being shaped with curved edges. These variations in base design offer unique visual interest and can complement different architectural styles.

Some monuments even have more than one base. In such cases, the upper base is referred to as the “sub-base” and the lower one is called the “bottom base”. Multiple bases provide additional height and dimension to the monument, allowing for greater creative expression and monument customization.

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